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Salt Lamp

Salt Lamp

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SALT LAMP MATERIAL & SPECIFICATION: Each lamp is made by hand carved from 100% Himalayan Salt Crystal, so each one styling is unique.

Remove contaminants from the air.You may be wondering how a chunk of salt with a light bulb in it can clean and deodorize the air. The answer lies in a process, called hygroscopy. Himalayan salt attracts water molecules in the air and absorbs them. These water molecules carry tiny particles of dust, pollen, and smoke with them, which are deposited on the surface of the salt lamp.

  • As the internal bulb heats the salt, the absorbed water evaporates back into the air, but the contaminants they previously carried remain stuck in the salt.
  • You can even fight allergy and asthma symptoms with salt lamps. Aside from dust and other everyday particles in the air, your Himalayan salt lamp will also remove pet dander, mold, and mildew from the air. 
Exchange harmful positive ions with helpful negative ions. Many of the molecules floating around your home are positively charged. Positive ions have been associated with detrimental health effects, including a diminished ability to filter the air you breathe. However, hygroscopy - the process by which Himalayan salt cycles water molecules - not only cleans the molecules, it also changes their charge.
  • During the absorption of water molecules from the air, Himalayan salt also removes any extra positive ions and converts them to negative ions.
  • These negative ions are then released independently, and may help your body filter the air you’re breathing. Note, however, that the negative ions released by salt lamps are different from those used in medical practices to help oxygenate blood.
  • The most common sources of positive ions in contemporary homes are electronics. Accordingly, keep a salt lamp in any room that you store and use a lot of electronics - especially if you tend to leave them on.

Improve your mental health. Salt lamps can also help you relax, and may help you maintain a positive mood. In fact, the potential for improved respiratory function and blood flow associated with negative ions may help more oxygen get to your brain. In turn, you may experience mental boosts, such as improved concentration and positive emotions.

  • Negative ions in the air may even lead to higher amounts of serotonin in your brain, which contribute to feelings of happiness.
  • Use lamps to help fight seasonal affective disorder, as the ambient light offered by salt lamps can emulate sunlight.

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